Bach and the Bible
Lumen Dominican Centre

Presentation 1
Introduction; biography (i); ancestors; musical influences; Toccata and fugue in D Minor,

Presentation 2
Biography (ii); Lutheran worship; Pietism (I); Cantata 1: How brightly shines the morning star.

Presentation 3
Biography (iii); Brandenburg concerto 4/presto; Pietism (ii); Cantata 80: A mighty fortress is our God.

Presentation 4
Biber and Zelenka (contemporaries of Bach); biography (iv); Leipzig; Cantatas; Cantata 106 God's time is the best time; Cantata 4 Christ lay in death's bonds.

Bach 4 (PDF)
Presentation 5
Sunday and weekday worship; the use of Latin; the Magnificat (Heinrich Schütz); a comparison of the settings by Vivaldi and Bach (selected verses).

Bach 5 (PDF)
Presentation 6
Cantata 81; Gospel (the stilling of the storm in Matthew); study of the individual movements (using La Petite Bande); commentary by Peter Harvey, tenor; prayerful listening to the Gospel before hearing the full cantata again (using the Monteverdi Choir). Closing aria from Cantata 30.

Bach 6 (PDF)
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Hans T.
David, Arthurs Mendel (eds.) Christoph Wolff (revised): The New Bach Reader. A Life of Johann Sebastian Bach in Letters and Documents
Alfred Dürr: Die Johannespassion Bärenreiter Werkeinführungen
Alfred Dürr: Johannes Sebastian Bach: Die Kantaten (also in English)David Gordon: The Little Bach Book
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