Again, the range of material is enormous. For the ordinary user, it can be hard to tell what really good and reliable. As they used to say, "garbage in, garbage out." With that caution in mind, it is possible to find excellent material on the web. The categories below are self-explanatory.

New English Translation (NET)
Lumina Bible Study (excellent; NET version with full notes)

New American Bible Revised Edition
US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Bible Gateway
150 Versions, searchable, vast range of options

There's no end of music and the Bible. The choice can only be individual and idiosyncratic, but here goes:

William Byrd:
Ave Verum
Claudio Monteverdi:
Vespers of 1610

Heinrich Schütz
Matthew Passion
Johann Sebastian Bach
Freue dich erlöste Schar
Jan Dismas Zelenka
Holy Week Responsoria

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Exsultate Jubilate Alleluia
Joseph Haydn
Te Deum

Ludwig van Beethoven
Choral Fantasia

Anton Bruckner
Te Deum
from Karl Barth...