Short Course for Permanent Deacons

Some suggested reading material

ICEL, Opening Prayers. Collects in Contemporary Language, Norwich: Canterbury Press,1999 (excellent for Lectio Divina)
(ICEL - International Commission for English in the Liturgy)

Byrne, Brendan, The Hospitality of God. A Reading of Luke's Gospel, Collegeville (MN): Liturgical Press, 2016.
Crossan, John Dominic, How to Read the Bible & Still Be a Christian, New York: HarperCollins Paperback, 2016.
Guite, Malcolm, Sounding the Seasons. Seventy Sonnets for the Christian Year, Norwich: Canterbury Press, 2018.
O'Mahony, Kieran J, Hearers of the Word: Praying & Exploring the Readings. Lent & Holy Week Year C, Dublin: Irish Messenger, 2022.
O'Mahony, Kieran J., Speaking from Within. Biblical Approaches for Effective Preaching, Dublin: Veritas, 2016
Topping, Ryan N.S., The Elements of Rhetoric. How to Write and Speak Clearly & Persuasively, Kettering (OH): Angelico Press, 2016.