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Notes in PDF format
(all three readings)

May 2017
27 Ascension

June 2017
04 Pentecost
Corpus Christi
Sunday 12A17

July 2017
02 Sunday 13A17

*Notes on Romans 8 are extended to two pages, for the next four Sundays.
*Text of
Romans 8, segmented and marked.

Sunday 14A17
Sunday 15A17
Sunday 16A17
30* Sunday 17A17
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The notes on all three readings will be found on pages 1-4, under the heading “Biblical Resources”. On the fifth page, headed “The Liturgy,” you will find practical material (I hope!) including introductions to the Sunday readings (all three of them) and introductions to both readings on weekdays.

If you are copying this material for group use, then the Gospel comment will fit on two sides of an A4 page while the comment on all three readings will fit conveniently on an A3 page.

Just in case…
It is always possible to download the notes from the scripture notes page of the Dublin diocesan website.

Grail Psalter (inclusive language version, which is useful)

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